Welcome to Glenview Homes Canada Day in Kanata 2014

The Glenview Homes Canada Day in Kanata Celebration is one of the largest community events in Ottawa. Crowds of over 30,000 gather at Walter Baker Park off Terry Fox Drive in Kanata to celebrate this significant community event. The best part, admission is free!

Main Stage Acts

Thank You Sponsors

Going Green Initiatives!

Each year, Glenview Homes Canada Day in Kanata gets a little bit ‘greener’:

  • Free supervised bicycle parking onsite for up to 200 bicycles
  • Water dispensers vs bottled water for our volunteers
  • Easy recycling of plastics and cans
  • Organic and compostable waste collection – including food containers
  • Waste sorting and measurement
  • Bullfrogpowered (100% green electricity) Urbandale stage
  • Socially-responsible volunteer t-shirts

Get there green!

  • Carpool to the event with friends and family
  • Walk or take your bike – look for on-site bike parking
  • Use public transportation (Routes 118 and 96)

Leave it clean!

  • Recycle plastic drink bottles and pop cans – look for clear bins (courtesy of City of Ottawa)
  • Compost any organics (left over food – including the plates and napkins!)
  • Keep recyclables and compostables out of garbage cans

No Public Parking on Site

There is no public parking on site unless you are experiencing mobility challenges (must have Handicap Parking Permit), Pregnant or have a VIP parking pass.
More greening initiatives...